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Texcel aim to provide the best accommodation possible to our tenants whilst at the same time striving to keep our rates not just competitive but the best around for the product and services we provide.

All of our buildings are renovated with the end user in mind and with the aim of providing a commercial unit that provides an environment and atmosphere most conducive to the running of a successful business. Air conditioning, cabling for power, data and telecoms, access control systems and common sense layouts mean that our units are suitable for any business to start trading straight away while our willingness to alter and adapt our properties means tenants can go one step further and create bespoke designed units uniquely suitable for their needs.


Texcel are also committed to providing environmentally sustainable buildings and to reducing the carbon footprint of our company and the accommodation we provide. We achieve this in a number of ways and are continually looking at ways to improve our impact upon the environment.


Texcel and our building partners endeavour to use the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly building practices. Replacing gas fired heating with reverse induction heating and cooling units, replacement of windows with double glazed units and insulating walls and roof spaces with modern insulating materials greatly reduces energy use and heating and cooling requirements on our refurbished buildings.


The use of water monitoring systems and recently the introduction of waterless urinal systems into our new office buildings has dramatically reduced the water usage by the company.


The introduction of recycling centres at all of our sites means that tenants can now dispose of recyclable material hassle and cost free while our contribution to land-fill has decreased significantly.


Texcel have recently invested heavily in Solar Renewable Energy and will continue to do so in the future. This investment dramatically reduces our dependence on conventional electricity supplies and is one of many efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and adverse impact upon the environment.


The integrity of our sites are maintained in a number of different ways to ensure a safe, secure and agreeable working environment.

Alarm systems, the latest in digital security cameras and security fencing as well as a good relationship with councils and the local police ensure that sites can both deter and protect against crime.

In addition our on-site caretakers continually maintain the area by removing rubbish, gardening and performing various other tasks which uphold the general profile of both buildings and grounds.

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